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A Guide to Primary Resources for U.S. History

This guide was a joint venture between the Virginia Center for Digital History (VCDH) and the Miller Center of Public Affairs. Both centers are part of the University of Virginia. The project was led by William G. Thomas, director of VCDH, and Marc Selverstone of the Miller Center. Other people who have worked on this project include:

VCDH Staff Miller Center Staff Curry School Staff
  • Felicia Johnson
  • Andrew Mink
  • Risa Ann Ryland
  • Kimberly A. Tryka
  • Carl Bon Tempo
  • W. Taylor Fain
  • Kent Germany
  • David Shreve
  • Walter Heinecke
  • Stephanie van Hover
Graduate Students Undergraduate Students Non-UVA consultants
  • Kristen Celello
  • Seth Center
  • Anthony Dralle
  • David Locascio
  • Aaron Sheehan-Dean
  • Kathy Swan
  • Elizabeth Cash
  • Matt Edmonds
  • Jeffrey Kozak
  • Abagail Owen
  • Ashley Redford
  • Jeffrey Coker
  • Leah S. Glaser
  • Raymond Haberski
  • Steven Remy
  • Julie Richter
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