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(c) describing the conflict over ratification, including the Bill of Rights and the arguments of the Federalists and Anti-Federalists;

Federalist Paper #1
Yale University Law School: The Avalon Project

Anti-Federalist Paper #1

Description: The Federalist Papers support the ratification of the new Constitution while the Anti-Federalist Papers oppose the ratification. There are many different objections raised in this series of open letters. Basically, Federalists were in favor of a stronger central government while the Anti-Federalists were wary of giving such authority to a reigning entity. These documents are the first of the series and provide an introduction to the positions of the two groups.

Teaching Tips:

"Do Now" Suggestion
  • Define the terms Federalist and Anti-Federalist. Discuss the historical context underlying the fears of the Anti-Federalists.
Suggestion for Using this Resource as Part of a Lesson
  • Use this as a secondary introduction to the Federalist and Anti-Federalist debates. Using the documents, have students identify main points of opposition. Then have students highlight the main points supporting and opposing the positions. Create a large visual summarizing the arguments for both sides to keep posted for ready reference.

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