Virginia Emigrants to Liberia Timeline

History of Liberia: A Timeline
The Library of Congress, American Memory

1787 Thomas Jefferson published Notes on the State of Virginia
1790 Constitution of the Virginia Society for promoting the Abolition of Slavery (Virginia Gazette)
1791 Benjamin Banneker replied to Thomas Jefferson
1800 Gabriel's conspiracy and Thomas Jefferson/James Monroe correspondence
1800 St. Domingue proposed as home for deported slaves and free blacks
1815 Paul Cuffe's trip to Sierra Leone with thirty-eight colonists
1816/12 American Colonization Society established in Washington, D.C.
1817 1817 Frederick County, Va., Auxiliary established (the first)
1817/12 Loudoun County, Va., Auxiliary established
1820 ACS sent first emigrants to Sherbro Island
1820 Frederick County Auxiliary Annual Report (Library of Congress)
1823 Alexandria Auxiliary established
1827 Maryland established a colony at Cape Palmas
1827 Debate between colonizationist William H. Fitzhugh and proslavery critic, Judge John W. Nash, Controversy between Caius Gracchus and Opimius, in Reference to the American Colonization Society (Georgetown, D.C.)
1829 David Walker published Appeal to the Colored Citizens of the World
1830/09 First National Negro Convention at Bethel Church in Philadelphia,. "Address to the Free Persons of Colour of these United States" signed by Rev. Richard Allen, President expressed their disapproval of African colonization.
1830-36 Mars and Jesse Lucas sent letters from Liberia to Albert and Townsend Heaton in Loudoun County, Virginia
1831 Nat Turner's Rebellion
1831/01/01 Abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison published The Liberator
1832 William Lloyd Garrison published his critique, Thoughts on African Colonization
1831/32 Virginia Legislature slavery debates
1832 Thomas R. Dew published a pamphlet justifying slavery, Review of the Debate...
1834-36 Samson Ceasar sent letters from Liberia to David S. Haselden and Henry F. Westfall of Buckhannon, Virginia
1840s Page family members in Liberia exchanged letters with Charles W. and Sarah Andrews in Jefferson County (Appomattox Courthouse National Historical Park, Duke University Special Collections Library, and Virginia Historical Society)
1847 Liberia Declaration of Independence
1847 Liberian Constitution
1850 Action of the Synod of Virginia on Colonization (African Repository, Dec. 1850)
1855 Philip Slaughter, The Virginian History of American Colonization.
1850-1860 Photographers Augustus Washington and Rufus Anson made portraits of prominent Liberians
1857-66 Several emigrants once owned by James Hunter Terrell sent letters to Terrell's executor and nephew, Dr. James Minor